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Our Ethos

Our intention is to provide a highly professional customer service so that all your requirements are fulfilled and that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase. A combination of our exceptionally skilled staff that has up to date knowledge on both technical and network issues coupled with a friendly approach has contributed to our well-deserved reputation.

Our unrivalled customer service and trustworthy business has allowed us to gain this highly prestigious status. We show we were fully committed to putting customers first.


Inks We Supply

Brother Compatible Ink Cartridges
Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges
Epson 400/500/600
Epson 440/460/640/660
Epson 480/580/C20/C40
Epson 680 / 685 / 777
Epson 700/720/750
Epson 740/740i/760/860/1160
Epson 780-90/825/870-95/915
Epson 810/810i/820/830/925/935
Epson 880/880i
Epson 900/915/ 1270-80-90
Epson 950/960
Epson C42/C42UK/C44/UX/C46
Epson C48 D48
Epson C60/C61
Epson C62/CX3200
Epson C64/C66/C84/C86/CX3600/CX3650/CX6400/CX6600
Epson C70/C80
Epson C82/CX5200/CX5400
Epson D68/D88/DX3800/DX3850/DX4800
Epson D78/DX4000/DX4050/DX5000/DX5050/DX6000/DX6050
Epson Picturemate
Epson R200/X/R220/R300/X/R320/R340/R500/X/R600X/R620X
Epson R240/R245/RX420/RX425/RX520
Epson R265/R360/RX560
Epson R800/R1800/RX800
Epson RX700

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